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PureMessage Email filtering

Spam, virus and scam filtration for email

Sophos PureMessage is an email filtering software designed to filter email from spam, viruses and other scams (eg. phishing) directly at the server before it reaches your mailbox. Many Windows and Linux server platforms are supported.

Blue Net runs this hosted solution on a RedHat Linux server out of one of our data centers, so you do not require any dedicated mail server. Blue Net's PureMessage facilities will integrate with your existing infrastructure without additional equipment. Read more...

Why would you choose the Blue Net managed PureMessage solution?

  • Simplicity of implementation
    Blue Net have a fully operational, multi redundant Sophos PureMessage server environment. We will perform all required configuration as part of our service offering.

  • Scalability
    Blue Net can provide this service within 48 hours for one or many thousands of additional users while maintaining the reliability and continuance of the service.

  • Transparency
    Our service provides each user with daily reports on the messages that have been identified as spam and have been held back. Although rarely necessary because of the accuracy of our filtering the user can release any message they wish to receive from that list.

    The report is not only a confirmation of the accuracy of the spam filter, but also gives you peace of mind, that all wanted message are received. See sample report

Monthly Pricing:

$5.95 inc GST per emailbox/email address per month - please contact us for quantities or domain filtering

Please contact us for larger user bases. We have resources available to filter 1000's of additional email address within 48 hours.

PureMessage server user login



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