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Service Plans

Most businesses own a lot of computers.  These computers and associated systems form an integral part of day to day work processes and, as such, these systems must operate reliably.


On the other hand, many small and medium business do not employ a full time IT person to keep those systems running, instead relying on their "computer guys" to fix problems as they arise.  Under this model, the systems and hardware usually operate without any ongoing maintenance, with negative results.

In summary, this method of IT support results in:

  • The ad hoc "break -> fix" method is the most common approach
  • This is not cost effective and is unpredictabe for the purposes of financial planning.
  • Often coupled with long downtime until the "techo" can actually make it to the site and start the troubleshooting, which then takes hours or days to resolve.
  • These surprises are frequent and painful - and not only to the hip pocket.

Blue Net's Service Plans will provide maintenance and repair of your servers, workstations and associated equipment, for a fixed monthly price.

In our normal operations we monitor all supported IT equipment every 30 seconds.  Regular monitoring gives us advance warning of potential issues and allows us to take remedial action, even before the user becomes aware of anything being amiss.

We will do the following under our service plans:

  • 24/7 monitoring of your entire network
  • Phone and email help desk, during business hours
  • Backup of all computers (including a 2 hour rapid restore system)
  • Sophos business grade anti virus (now called "Sophos End Point Security").  Sophos protects your business, not only from viruses, but also from spyware, adware and other malicious code.
  • All software updates run daily (usually at night)

This proactive model of support results in:

  • Advanced warning of IT problems
  • Proactive remediation of IT issues
  • Preservation of staff productivity and support through reliable IT
  • Agreed budget for all your IT expenditure
  • No surprises
  • Predictable IT performance
  • Peace of mind

We cater for sites from 3 computers to many hundreds of workstations and servers.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and book your FREE site assessment and network health check.

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