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Reason why backup is important

  • Hardware failure - medium risk
  • Fire - low risk
  • Data corruption - high risk
  • Hardware theft - Low risk
  • Menance - medium risk
  • Accidental deletion/change - high risk
  • Record keeping - high risk
  • Disaster recovery - high risk

How Data Dies

  • 42% Hardware failure
  • 30% Human error
  • 13% Software corruption
  • 7% Viruses
  • 5% Theft
  • 3% Hardware destruction

This stress free backup solution is fully managed and supported by Blue Net.

We provide disk space to upload data via SSH or SFTP for storage and secure off site backup. Data is automatically archived and aged.

What the archiving process maintains:

  • The current data last uploaded
  • Last 7 days
  • Last 3 end of week (Sunday)
  • Last 2 end of month (last calendar day)
  • Older data is discarded, but can be saved at additional fee.

Fees and Charges

  • Option 1 is the metered option. Charges are based on the size of the current data. Archived data is not charged. Best suited for current data sizes of less than 3.5GB
  • Option 2 is flat rate option. Charges are based on the total size of all data (current and archived) held on our servers. Best suited for current data sizes over 3.5GB.

OPTION 1 (small to medium data size - to 3.5 GB live data)

  • $60/month for the first 500MB
  • $20/month for every 500MB (or part thereof) after the first 500MB

The data size is measured in MB of the live data only. Archived data is not considered.

OPTION 2 (large data size - more than 3.5 GB live data)
(Rule-of-thumb calculation of archive disk space: total live data size x9 to x12)

  • $200 Setup or free on 12 months term
  • $200/month for 150'000MB total storage (live & archived data)
  • $280/month for 220'000MB total storage (live & archived data)
  • $310/month for 270'000MB total storage (live & archived data)
  • $350/month for 370'000MB total storage (live & archived data)

Additional or custom coding or setup

We also offer the option to provide additional or custom setups and coding, which is charged at our usual hourly rate.


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